Pinpointing Ag Machinery Costs Just Got Much Easier

08:50AM Jun 25, 2020
Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet allows retailers to outfit a mixed fleet of application equipment and tender trucks with real-time monitoring technology.
( Photo by Chris Bennett )

How much profit or loss does an ag machine pull in real time? Further, how much does an entire commercial application fleet earn or cost an ag retailer in real time? The dollars are in the details, and Farmobile’s new hardware and software solution puts a shoulder to the door of fleet profitability.

Farmobile’s new offering, Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet, is a tale-of-the-tape solution allowing retailers to outfit a mixed fleet of application equipment and tender trucks with real-time monitoring technology.

Customers receive daily, weekly and monthly machine metric reports through the Farmobile dashboard, showing individual machine performance, and which machines across the fleet are making or losing money. Analysis includes a host of key variables: fuel, labor, transportation, idling and working time.

“Each ag retailer is investing millions, if not tens of millions of dollars in their commercial application fleet. The information available to them right now does not paint a clear picture about which individual machines are actually costing or contributing to the fleet’s overall performance and bottom line. If your $500,000 application rig is only making you money 22% of the time due to in-field operational inefficiencies, you’re possibly looking at significant losses. That’s why we created this service offering, and customized it for ag retail fleet management,” says Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile.


Further, Services+ for Ag Retail Fleet includes quarterly consultative meetings with the ag retailer to provide direct feedback. “This program was built as a simple, but extremely effective way to provide our ag retail customers with the ability to pivot during challenging times. We do this by providing the most personalized, granular machine data and insights possible to discover the true costs and returns of their commercial fleets,” says Steve Cubbage, Farmobile’s vice president of services.

“When you know exactly what makes up a fleet’s operational costs, you can make bold decisions much more strategically,” Cubbage adds.

Determining actual profitability on a mixed application fleet can be extremely complicated. “Being able to compare machine metrics across an entire fleet is huge. Many ag retailers are shocked to learn that the majority of their machines aren’t even breaking even...We’ve made it easy for them to collect, view, measure and manage their mixed-fleet data,” emphasizes Tatge.

Services+ combines Farmobile’s agronomic and machine data capture and standardization technology with personalized consulting services. Customers can either trial Farmobile data technology on a minimum of 10 machines or outfit their entire application fleet with data tracking tools and real-time fleet visibility. The premium “orange glove” service includes a needs assessment, pre-loading cost information, Farmobile PUC installation, customized reports, consultative meetings and deep analysis on how variables such as fuel, labor, transportation and idling/working time contribute to the fleet’s overall operational success.


“The power is in the fact that you can use individual machine data to compare and contrast operational performance, efficiency and profitability between pieces of equipment or across the entire fleet. It’s like having a Fitbit health challenge for machines within your fleet,” adds Cubbage.

Customers can log-in to the Farmobile DataEngine machine and agronomic dashboard for real-time fleet monitoring, data viewing and downloads, fleet logistics, heat maps and daily, weekly and monthly machine utilization reports. Services+ includes quarterly consultations and monthly or weekly data-driven, customized intelligence reports:

  • Base efficiency metrics
  • Tach hour per machine per month
  • Cost per acre by machine
  • Machine comparison by activity type
  • Machine efficiency comparison by location type
  • Simulated savings

Enhanced weekly machine performance metrics include: high vs. low efficiency metrics, cost efficiency by make and model by machine category, hour tracking alerts and percentage hours vs. percentage acres vs. percentage revenue, and more.

Typically, initial setup requires a few hours including an audit of needs, field boundary set-up and Farmobile PUC device installation. For more about Services+, visit