Political Predictions from Jim Weisemeyer

January 27, 2018 10:30 AM

Political predictions are in from Jim Weisemeyer, a political analyst for Farm Journal Media, on the number of seats swapped in the Senate and House as well as who the presidential candidates will be. 

In the House, Weisemeyer says there is no question on which party will prevail. 

"It's not a question of which party will gain seats," says Weisemeyer, "the Democrats will, it's how many."

The Democratic party needs a net gain of 24 seats in the House. On average, there is a net loss of 32 seats for the party in the white house for the first election after a new president is in office. 

In the Senate though, the answer is not as clear. Personally, Weisemeyer says he predicts that Republicans will gain one seat making it a 52/48 split. 

As for President Donald Trump, Weisemeyer says he will run again. Whether he thinks Trump will win or not is dependent upon the candidate. Weisemeyer predicts a few candidates for the Democratic party to include Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. 

Whoever the candidates, he says the internal split the Democrats are facing between socialists, the far left and the moderate will most likely make for a diverse group of candidates in the primaries. 

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