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Poll: 33% of Farmers Flying Drones This Year

17:52PM Apr 13, 2017

Drones have been hot talk in agriculture for the past several seasons. But how popular are they, really? According to a recent Farm Journal Media Pulse poll that surveyed more than a thousand farmers and ranchers, use of this technology has definitely gained a firm foothold in the industry.

The Pulse poll simply asked, “Will you use a drone(s) on your operation this year?” Of the nearly 1,100 respondents, a third answered positively, with 21% saying they will operate the drones themselves, and another 12% opting for a retailer or other third-party entity to fly the drones.

Another 31% say they will keep an open mind about using drones on their operation in 2018, but weren’t ready to pull the trigger this year. The final 37% say they aren’t interested in using this technology.

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