Pre-Report Analysis of June 30 Acreage Report

June 30, 2015 06:45 AM
Pre-Report Analysis of June 30 Acreage Report will have full coverage of USDA's June 30 Grain Stocks and Acreage reports, following the 11 a.m. CDT releases.


Acreage Estimates Abound in Advance of Report

Investors Jump into Agricultural Funds

'Tricky' Days Ahead for Grain Markets

Indiana Crops Have Taken a $300 Million Hit From Flooding

How Many Acres Will Be 'Lost' in June?

Flooding, Rain Causes Problem for Corn Growers in Ohio

The Number of Prevent Plant Acres - Staggering, or So-So?

Allendale Sees Rise in Corn, Soybean Acres

NASS Explains June 30 Acreage Calculations

How Accurate Are USDA's Corn and Soybean Acreage Projections?

Are You Ready to Play the Acreage Game?

Biggest U.S. Corn Stockpile Since 1988 Seen Pushing Prices Lower

How Much Corn Will We Use This Year?

Flooded Farmers Talk #Replant15

Analysts, Farmers Handicap Wet Weather's Impact on '15 Crops, Market

Could the Bird Flu Become a 100-Million-Bushel Corn Problem?

Arkansas Cotton Acreage Likely to Drop to Historic Low


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Pro Farmer: Corn and Soybean Acreage Should Climb This Week



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Nagykanizsa, UM
6/30/2015 08:33 AM

  If you want to know, what is behind the current corn and wheat rally, you must check the european weather (35-40C degrees, no rain during the ferilization) and (paris liffe) prices. Wheat price is about 200/€/metric ton, corn is 180€/ton. I have never seen trading technical reasons, just stupid analysts.

Oblong, IL
6/29/2015 08:44 AM

  I guess Dave is predicting doom&gloom? I predict prices will continue to recover nicely. Too much water is especially hard on beans, and the idiots who still don't use nitrification inhibitors will lose their nitrogen on corn. Farming is still the best job of all! I became a multimillionaire in 40 years and have been retired for the last 13!

Dave Burke
Smithfield, PA
6/29/2015 07:39 AM

  All growers need to remember is this government is No longer, "For the people by the people". It is controlled by Big Corporations money and the Federal Reserve Cabal. We are their "Free Range Slaves". You just keep planting high priced seed, make a big crop and get less income than before you listened to the lies. Everyone but those who do the work and have the greatest risk, make easy money. That ladies and gentlemen is the same as a parasite.