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Precision Planting Pairs Up With The Climate Corporation

09:37AM Jan 24, 2014

 In 2012, Monsanto acquired Precision Planting. In 2013, Monsanto acquired The Climate Corporation. And in 2014, the company figured out how to serve up products and expertise from each of these companies into a single offering.

Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems and Precision Planting groups recently transitioned to The Climate Corporation, a move intended to streamline more unified service. The group’s first offering gives customers 20/20 SeedSense and FieldView technology and pairs it with Climate Basic or Climate Pro, a suite of digital tools to help farmers make more profitable decisions in-season, depending on the tier.

Beginning Feb. 3, 2014, farmers will be able to purchase one of several tiers of product packages. Farmers who are already SeedSense and FieldView customers can get on board for $249 per year. Some other tiers require equipment leases and all will run from between $499 and $6,000 per year.

The Climate Corporation CEO David Friedberg says this technology pairing will allow farmers to make more informed production decisions, including:

• Make to-the-minute and daily decisions based on accurate real-time weather, soil, crop and equipment performance.
• Respond quickly and correctly to changing weather and field conditions.
• Anticipate yield-reducing agronomic issues.
• Integrate data seamlessly and access it through multiple devices, equipment and operation.
• Report summaries for FSA or crop insurance reporting with a wealth of equipment, soil, weather, crop and other data.

"This is just the first step in our effort to simplify how farmers can make technology from soil to cab work for them in a way that delivers tremendous value," Friedberg says. "We can deliver tremendous value with real-time, actionable insights and execution capabilities delivered via a single service offering, accessible anywhere and on any device."

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