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President Trump Delays Decision on Imposing Auto Tariffs

15:46PM May 20, 2019
US European Union Trade

The United States and European Union share many common goals but do not have an official Free Trade Agreement in place( MGN )

President Trump is delaying any decision to impose tariffs on car and auto part imports for now.

The President made the announcement on Friday before announcing steel and aluminum tariffs were being lifted on Canada and Mexico.  He says he is delaying a decision on the auto tariffs for up to six months.

The President directed his trade team to pursue negotiations with the European Union and address the impact that imports are having on the U.S. auto industry.

The E.U. has said agriculture would not be part of trade negotiations, but Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has said an E.U. trade deal that excludes agriculture would be unlikely to win approval in Congress. 

Auto Tariff Delay 052019