President Trump to Meet With China's Leader

12:27PM Oct 24, 2018
Trade is always a contentious issue between the world's two largest economies, the US and China.
( MGN )

New developments that could possibly bring an end to the trade battle with China. President Trump will meet with China's President Xi Jinping.
That meeting is scheduled to happen next month at the G-20 summit. In speaking about the meeting with China White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow said, "you add that to the trade imbalance and the tariffs and the nontariff barriers, they won't let us own our businesses and they won't get licenses. They've got a lot. Our asks are on the table. I'd love to see them respond. Thus far they haven't. The two presidents will meet for a bit in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the G-20. Other than that, nothing I can say."

The meeting comes as recent tariffs were put on some $200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. China has retaliated by putting tariffs on American products.