President Trump Will Fight For Crop Insurance

02:03PM May 15, 2018
“[President Trump] is full throated in favor of crop insurance not being messed up," Conaway says.
( Wikimedia Commons )

Almost one dozen amendments to the House version of the Farm Bill were proposed related to crop insurance that would significantly harm American farmers, however House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway says President Trump will fight for the program.

According to Conaway, there are several amendments to Title I that individually the industry could fend off, but with so many changes and a “50% drop in net farm income, we just can't buy any of those.”

On Tuesday’s episode of AgriTalk, Conaway shared a conversation he had in a recent meeting with President Trump. The president asked, unprovoked, if Conaway was working to make crop insurance better.

“Conaway, are you making crop insurance better?” the president asked.

“Sir, we’re leaving it alone,” Conaway told Trump.

“I want it better, I want it great,” the president responded.

According to Conaway, the House ag committee is working to make that happen.

“So the folks going after crop insurance are some of President Trump's strongest supporters, and I’ve just got to get the message out to them that the President is way behind crop insurance,” Conaway said. “He is full throated in favor of crop insurance not being messed up. And a lot of those [amendments] would do just that.”

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