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Primed for Productivity

14:47PM Jan 07, 2015
With the release of the 3400 and 3400XL utility vehicles, Bobcat broadens its lineup of side by side vehicles. The three-seat 3400 and six-seat 3400XL boast a constant variable transmission, four-wheel-drive system and power steering. Engine configurations include a 40-hp gas engine or a 24-hp diesel engine, which allow for speeds up to 40 mph with a dealer-installed kit. The gas units sport an electronic fuel injection system, and the diesel units have automatic glow pugs to adjust for colder temperatures.

An adjustable independent front dual A-arm suspension and an adjustable rear de Dion multi-link suspension system provides a more comfortable ride, tighter turning radius, increased payload capacity and more stability when towing. All four wheels move independently, keeping good contact with the ground for maximum traction. Both models feature a 7" cargo box longer than the previous models with 1250-lb. payload capacity. The workhorse 3400 sports a 1,900-lb. towing capacity and the 3400XL sports a 2,150-lb. towing capacity. Two 12-volt plug-ins come standard to charge phones and mobile devices.

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