Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour: South Dakota Crop Far From Mature

11:28PM Aug 19, 2019
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The agricultural industry now knows the findings of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour when it comes to South Dakota’s crops.

Crop scouts on the Western leg of the tour find the yield potential with the South Dakota corn crop is 154.1 bushels per acre. That’s a 13.4 percent decrease from yield samples the tour took back in 2018.

USDA pegged the South Dakota corn crop yield to be 157 bushels per acre, that’s a 1.9 percent change from the USDA January 2019 final report.

Tour scouts counted an average pod count in a 3 x 3 area of 832.9 pods. That’s a 18.7 percent dip from the 2018 tour results for the state.

The tour calculates the number of pods in a 3-foot by 3-foot square (9 square feet). The pod count allows for comparison to previous tours. Also, soybean yields are not estimated because of the number of seeds per pod and seed weight are difficult to measure on the tour.

USDA reported a soybean yield of 45 bushels per acre in its August Crop Production report. That’s a 2.2 percent change from the USDA final for the 2018 crop released back in January.

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben traveled along with scouts on one of the South Dakota routes through Lincoln, Turner and Hutchinson counties.

“For every one field of corn and beans you see, there’s four fields not planted,” said Jarod Creed, founder of JC Marketing and tour scout.

Creed reporting out of six stops in South Dakota, their route averaged a corn yield of 149 bushels per acre, 4 percent off the 3-year average. Pod counts on the route are 10 percent above average.

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