Propane Crisis Grows as Cold Snap Hits Midwest

11:33AM Nov 11, 2019
Dave Walton Iowa
( AgDay )

A second cold snap hit the Midwest this week as the propane crisis grows. Farmers in Iowa are starting the week with highs in the 20s, making it hard to dry frozen corn, says AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben.

Reports have circulated that some producers may have to wait up to a week before they get access to L-P gas in order to dry corn.

Jibben met up with Dave Walton, a farmer near Wilton, Iowa, to check in on harvest progress.

“We didn't get things in on time in the spring, so we’ve got late maturity in the fall,” Walton says.

The long harvest for many is creating some propane issues in the state. Walton called his supplier last week and has enough liquid propane to get by. Some suppliers say they can fill tanks enough to get by day-to-day.

“I called for gas again this morning and I said if you can get me enough for 24 hours, that would be beautiful,” Walton says. “I’ve got 26% corn in a drying bin that's not going to keep if I don't dry it. And they said they'd do their best.”

He says most of the moisture content in his corn is ranging in the mid- to upper-20s, not ideal to take to the elevator and suffer losses. 

“We may just do a little at a time and see if this propane thing works its way out. But we don't have any great options right now," Walton says.

Watch the entire AgDay TV interview here.

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