Pruitt Remarks on EPA's Review of Clean Power Plan

08:12PM Mar 29, 2017
In this Jan. 4, 2017, file photo, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator-designate Scott Pruitt answer a reporter's question during his meeting with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., on Capitol Hill in Washington.
( AgWeb )

An executive order on energy independence, signed March 28, instructs the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan, a 2014 Obama administration initiative intended to combat anthropomorphic (human caused) climate change. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt attended the signing, held at EPA's headquarters, and made the following statement.


Thank you, thank you very much. Welcome to the EPA.

Perhaps this is your first visit to the EPA for some of you; it’s good to see some coal miners here at the EPA. So, welcome to you, here.

We are gathered in the map room here at the EPA.  Maps are intended to help you navigate; maps are intended to help you work toward a destination, journey toward a destination, and as we gather here today, the President is setting a new journey, a new pathway forward on how we are going to do business in this country, with respect to energy and the environment.

Number one, the president, by his signature today is rejecting the narrative that this country cannot be both pro-energy and pro-environment.  We have done that throughout our history. We can actually achieve good jobs, good growth and pro-energy policies at the same time as protecting our environment.  The president is sending that message today, by his signature today on this executive order.

But, number two, he’s also setting a pathway forward, a journey to say that we are no longer going to have regulatory assault on any given sector of our economy.  That is going to end by the signing of this executive order. We are not going to allow regulations here at the EPA to pick winners and losers.  And that is going to be very important as we chart the pathway forward.

But, the third thing is that we are going to play within the rules. The EPA should pass rules that are within the framework that Congress has established. That sounds pretty novel, but that is exactly what should occur. We shouldn’t reimagine our authority to pick winners and losers. We are going to provide regulatory certainty. So, the president is setting a new pathway forward that is going to literally make sure that we transform our economy, grow jobs and also protect our environment. And it’s an exciting day and I appreciate his leadership.