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QualiTech Introduces BOVI-LYSINE

22:17PM Sep 16, 2014

Finding a reliable, cost-effective lysine product for dairy cattle can be tough. That’s why QualiTech, Inc. created BOVI-LYSINE™ rumen-protected lysine as an alternative to feeding blood meal or other lysine sources.

Validated at the University of New Hampshire by Charles G. Schwab, Ph.D., BOVI-LYSINE is 47 percent rumen-protected lysine and delivers 12.69 grams of intestinally available lysine per 100 grams of product fed. When comparing the product price based on the 27 percent bioavailability, it is one of the most economical rumen-protected lysine products currently available.

The QualiTech patent-pending, rumen-protection technology protects the lysine from degradation in the rumen, while helping deliver the product to the cow’s small intestine where it can be used. The product’s specific gravity allows it to drop to the bottom of the rumen and flow through to the intestine quickly.

“This product is an available and reliable lysine source for dairy cows,” says Jack Garrett, Ph.D., director of technical service and research at QualiTech. “Bovi-Lysine is a highly bioavaible lysine source to help nutritionists balance diets for lysine. We know lysine balancing is an important tool for the dairy industry to help make cows more productive.”

For more information about Bovi-Lysine, visit or call 800.328.5870 ext.222.

Source: QualiTech, Inc.