Rainy Season Finally Begins in Mato Grosso

03:11PM Oct 27, 2014
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Rainfall increased sharply in Mato Grosso last week, says meteorologist Gail Martell of MartellCropProjections.com, improving field moisture for soybean planting. The rainy monsoon season has gotten off to a delayed start in the tropics, as early-mid October is typical for increased rainfall. Despite pretty good rain last week, the October rainfall deficit is still daunting in Brazil's top soybean state, ranging from 50 to 200 millimeters.

Brazil's center-south region is also important for soybeans and has also become dry. Parana and and Mato Grosso do Sul have accrued a 100 millimeter soil moisture deficit over the the past 90 days. Strong showers developed in late September, improving topsoil moisture, though dry conditions resumed in October. The 90 day rainfall time series, comparing cumulative rainfall to normal, confirms nagging drought.

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