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Reader Responds: 'Nazi-style' Order for Animal Welfare Program Participation Would be Another 'Pointless' Law

19:14PM Oct 22, 2014

A Dairy Today reader strongly disagrees with our stand on a mandatory FARM program. 

Dairy Today editor Jim Dickrell’s Oct. 21 blog, “Co-ops Push Forward with Mandatory FARM Program Participation,” drew an angry response from one of our online readers.

Do you agree or disagree with Dickrell’s article on mandating a national Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program or with Dawn Neuschwander’s response below? Leave a comment at the end of this article or at the bottom of Dickrell’s article, or email Jim and let him know what you think. 

Here are Neuschwander’s comments:

“As a former dairy farmer, I was so disgusted that your farm magazine would come out with that Nazi- style article on a mandatory FARM Program for dairy farms! Why in the world do you people think that you can force a business into compliance just because you think that it should be done? Do you think the people running these dairies are stupid? The stupid people out there are all these “greenies” who are constantly making demands on business that are none of their business! 

I do not hold with animal cruelty, but when you have dairy operations that are 500-2,000 herd operations that is what you will get, no matter what you do -- simply because these animals do not belong to the people that are dealing with them on a day-to-day basis and they will abuse them. Small dairy farms never treat their animals cruelly because they become too attached to them and it is counterproductive to their operations. Hired help isn't that sentimental, take a look at any factory worker.

“Canada has a mandatory farm program because they are a socialist country. We are not! No matter what one person thinks, we have a Constitution in this country to abide by and if that person doesn't like it then you are welcome to leave! This country is about freedom, not control! We do not need any more pointless laws, let the owners make their own decisions about their own businesses. 

“Most of these dairy farms are using illegal aliens to milk their cows! Now there is a bone of contingency! That does break our whole Constitution to pieces when our own government and businesses just look the other way on this issue. Let Land O’ Lakes put some control on that illegal activity! 

"If farmers cannot find workers, then they must do what every other business has to do in that situation and that is downsize! Along with downsizing will come a better treatment of the animals again.

"Then suggest to the middle men like Land O’ Lakes and all the other billion-dollar industries that maybe they should take less profits for themselves and pay the farmers more for the product they produce. Then your smaller farms would survive, but no one -- and I mean no one -- is going to take on the work of a dairy operation for a billions a year, and they even sent out their profits for the year to each farmer while we farmers were just trying to survive because our price for milk was so poor.  Why don't you offer mandatory seminars for the bosses of these big corporations that would explain to them that farm operations don't run on air?”