Readers Sound Off On Trump Survey

August 17, 2018 12:27 PM
Following a story on a recent Farm Journal Research survey, we received several emails from readers. Here's a few excerpts from those notes.

Earlier this week, Farm Journal Research released the results from a recent survey on how farmers feel about President Trump and his trade tactics. Following that story we received several emails from readers. Here’s a few excerpts from those notes:

“In the 1920s the us had a great economy. Republicans got elected, cut taxes on rich, imposed tariffs and deregulated banks. History is starting to repeat itself but it won’t happen overnight. Then the depression.”

“I didn't care for Trump in the beginning, but now I find him appalling. The Democrats were slowly destroying rural America; Trump is destroying it at warp speed.”

“How can any farmer say they have lost support when this is the first President who is handling the nation's debt like a farmer? PAYING IT OFF AS FAST AS HE CAN! The next thing I don't understand in their displeasure is, this is the only President who is trying to get our products a fair shake everywhere in the world, without tariffs. I don't quite understand the logic of any of these farmers due to the fact, that this country cannot continue to have heavy tariffs on our products but don't tariff any other countries products coming into the United States.”

“Stay the path...this needed to be done in the early 90s. Eventually trade with other countries will level out with America either having a trade surplus or at least not losing resources as much as the previous administration dictated.”

“He’s doing what he said he would. First president to do so. Hopefully he can drain the swamp. They all need to be fired!! Only thing there looking out for is themselves to get reelected.”

“I am a young farmer & did not & will not support Trump. Most farmers that support Trump seem to be corporate Farms. To me that's not farming.”  

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Dan B
8/17/2018 05:04 PM

  I think that Trump has done all he can for the country. It's probably time to move on, and he should go back to doing whatever it is that he does best.

Potosi, WI
8/18/2018 07:59 AM

  China has been eating our lunch for years. The only thing between China running the show combined with our being totally subservient to them is Trump. Yes, there will be some initial pain for us, but eventually we’ll be better off.

Fred T
Central, NE
8/19/2018 02:43 PM

  Trump has led his businesses into six recorded bankruptcies. He's lied his way onto the list of Forbes wealthiest people. Has to use a German bank and REIT run by his friends to finance his ventures. Wants the US to declare bankruptcy. Had been groomed by the KGB back in 1987. Has ties to American AND Russian mobs. Uses Russian financing on a regular basis. Thinks Moscow is the best city on the planet. He has no plans for the American people. Only for himself! All of this that I have written has been published for years. Not just recently. For those farmers that believe in the fraud called Trump, you must have ZERO morals!! Mueller has got to indict Trump on high crimes and misdemeanors!


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