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Red Angus Selection Indices Estimate Profitability

22:04PM Oct 23, 2014

Guided by Red Angus philosophies that separate science from politics, the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) is pleased to announce the development and release of the HerdBuilder and GridMaster indices. 
A selection index is used to estimate differences in an operation’s overall profitability from a specific selection decision. Fueled by Total Herd Reporting (THR) data, which allows for the true assessment of Economically Relevant Traits (ERTs), the reliability of Red Angus’ indices are unmatched. Incorporating the HerdBuilder and GridMaster indices into a selection decision allows for greater progress in attaining the ultimate goal - maximum profitability.
“The unique aspect of Red Angus’ HerdBuilder and GridMaster indices is the fact that they were built using two decades worth of complete Total Herd Reporting data,” said Larry Keenan, Association director of breed improvement. “This data reporting structure allows us to accurately calculate the traits that truly impact operations’ profitability, therefore, providing a solid foundation for the development of science-based selection indices, with unmatched reliability.”  
HerdBuilder Index
As the name indicates, the implementation of the HerdBuilder Index will assist producers in building profitable herds. The HerdBuilder Index is built using the following production scenario:
• Red Angus bulls mated to cows and heifers (resulting progeny ¾ Red Angus, ¼ Simmental)
• Replacement heifers retained from within the herd
• All remaining progeny sold on a quality-based carcass grid.
By using the HerdBuilder Index, producers can increase the sustainability of the cowherd and ultimately their operation.
GridMaster Index
While Red Angus has traditionally been known as a superior maternal breed, those who have retained ownership in Red Angus calves know of their potential to excel in the feedyard and ultimately hang a premium carcass. The GridMaster Index is built using the following production scenario:
• Red Angus bulls mated to cows (resulting progeny ¾ Red Angus, ¼ Simmental)
• All progeny sold on a quality-based carcass grid.
The GridMaster Index is used for producers whose primary goal is to maximize profitability of feeders in the feedyard and on the rail. 
The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) serves the beef industry by enhancing and promoting the competitive advantages of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle. The RAAA provides commercial producers with the most objectively described cattle in the industry by seeking and implementing new technologies based on sound scientific principles that measure traits of economic importance. For more information, visit

Source: Red Angus Association of America