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Rift Between President & Democrats, USMCA Caught in the Middle

19:23PM May 24, 2019

In Washington, another trade deal is taking center stage-the new U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement. President Trump has called on Congress to ratify the deal before dealing with an infrastructure bill, but the rift between the President and Congressional Democrats appears to be widening.

That's after the two sides had a dramatic blow-up at the White House during a meeting about infrastructure.  The President tweeted the Democrats are a "do-nothing party".

President's Tweet about Democratic Party

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told MSNBC that the Republican President is "an erratic, helter-skelter, get-nothing-done" leader.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also weighed in. Sanders said, "We want to make sure that the farmers are being protected as we go through the process of negotiating new trade deals.  It would help if Democrats would actually get USMCA passed-something that would greatly benefit our farmers instead of sitting on it, trying to slow roll it because they refuse to give this President a win."

It was reported the President left a meeting with Democratic leaders, demanding an end to Congressional investigations before working together on legislation.


Battle over USMCA 052419