Sara Schafer: Time to Think Differently

07:00AM Sep 25, 2019
As farm CEOs, we know your time is valuable.
( AgWeb )

The first issue of Top Producer, which was named Top Operator and found inside Farm Journal, hit mailboxes on the heels of the farm crisis in January 1984. It was our response to an increasing need for more business information in agriculture. In 1985, it became a stand-alone magazine.

Today, Top Producer continues to deliver the business information and strategies to 120,000 producers who own and/or manage the largest farm operations in the country. 

As farm CEOs, we know your time is valuable. Through focus groups, online surveys and in-person feedback, we’ve analyzed how we can make this magazine your valuable resource. You’ll see our new magazine design makes stories easier to digest, as we high-light key points and data. The issue you hold in your hands has been a labor of love for our team over the past year.

For 35 years, Top Producer has featured brave-thinking farmers. With each issue, we hope to inspire you to think beyond traditional boundaries. Hence our new tag line: Challenging Farmers to Think Differently.

As we start this new chapter, I’m reminded of a message from Bill Taylor, “Fast Company” magazine co-founder and business author. 

“The longer you work in a field, the harder it can be to see new patterns, new dangers, new possibilities,” he says. “All too often, we let what we know limit what we can imagine, which is why the best leaders are insatiable learners.”