Seminars Showcase U.S. Beef in Key Regions of Japan

10:35PM Nov 17, 2014
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Distributors, retailers and foodservice buyers serving three major Japanese cities – Fukuoka, Osaka and Nagoya – recently participated in a series of seminars as part of an effort by USMEF to boost sales in the regions where these cities serve as economic hubs. The seminars provided detailed information on U.S. production and an update on nationwide summer promotional campaigns conducted in July and August.

USMEF-Japan Senior Marketing Director Takemichi Yamashoji led the seminars, which were made possible through support from, amongst others, the Beef Checkoff Program, the Texas Beef Council and the United Soybean Board. He gave attendees an overview of current U.S. beef promotions, while USMEF Marketing Manager Satoshi Kato provided examples of marketing and merchandising strategies.

“Holding this series of seminars gave USMEF a great opportunity to offer updated information on U.S. beef, and to provide an overview of USMEF activities designed to help our regional trade partners grow their businesses,” said Yamashoji.

Cooking demonstrations at the seminars were provided by Rika Yukimasa, a well-known chef in Japan. Merchandising specialist Nobuhide Kemi conducted cutting demonstrations focused on the top blade and shoulder clod heart.

The series attracted more than 500 food industry professionals, who were extremely complimentary of the seminars’ content.

“One of our key goals for this calendar year is to expand market share for U.S. beef in these regions, which are increasingly competitive.” Yamashoji explained. “These seminars are an excellent way to connect directly with industry representatives and show them how USMEF can help meet their specific product needs.”

Source: U.S. Meat Export Federation