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Set Priorities to Manage Time

23:48PM Apr 11, 2019

Eliminate Excessive Time Wasters

Your time is valuable—especially during planting season. Every hour is essential. How can you achieve the best results in every hour? Become a master time manager.

“Time management is not about time; we all have the same amount,” says Bob Milligan, senior consultant at Dairy Strategies and former professor at Cornell University. “Time management is about setting priorities.”

A current and strategic list of priorities will help you avoid a huge time waster: not knowing what to do next.

“If you don’t have a plan, you waste a lot of time figuring out what you have to do next,” Milligan says. “The real time management opportunity is when things aren’t urgent.”

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Time

Your hours are filled with important duties, tasks and people. Balancing business and family responsibilities, especially during busy seasons, can feel like an uphill battle. The first step to better manage your time is to stop making excuses.

“Time management is about setting priorities,” says Bob Milligan, senior consultant at Dairy Strategies and former Cornell University professor. Want to get the most from every hour? Employ these time-tested tactics.

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