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Set Sprayers for Success

08:00AM Aug 04, 2011


At the 2011 Soybean College, Brian Spangler of Indiana Spray Center, helped farmers set their sprayers for success.
"There are a lot of variables with sprayer management, much like Missy Bauer says about managing soybeans, with tips, gauges, pressure manifolds, flow meters and more to make sure the sprayer is applying the right amount of product on the target," Spangler says.
Some of his top tips from the session included:
·        Sprayer tips, tips wear more than most farmers think.
·        Stainless steel is a popular choice for the longest-lasting tip, but actually poly is a better wearing tip and less expansive.
·        Droplet size is very important and related to pressure
·        If you change oil regularly on your tractor, why not change sprayer tips regularly
·        Double check beakers units of measure, not all beakers are correct measurement
·        A calibration rule of thumb for knowing when spray tips are worn out is 10%
·        Check spray pattern. Just because volume is correct doesn't mean the tip is performing correctly
·        Sprayer tips are colorblind, double check the caps and tips match
Learn more in this video with Brian Spangler.