Signal to Noise: Why Does the RFS Deal Feel Less Than Complete?

04:04PM Oct 04, 2019
Signal to Noise
DC Signal To Noise Podcast
( Farm Journal )

EPA, USDA and the White House on Friday announced the long-awaited deal to end the biofuels vs. oil dispute over the Renewable Fuels Standard and ethanol blending exemptions granted to a number of refineries. But, as Pro Farmer Policy Analyst Jim Wiesemeyer and Farm Journal News Director John Herath discuss, the plan is lacking a number of very key details.  What questions need to be answered before corn and soybean growers can know what the impact of the deal will be? 

In this week's DC Signal to Noise Podcast, Wiesemeyer and Herath also update the latest positive moves in China trade talks and look at the rebounding Pulse Poll numbers for President Donald Trump.