Simmering Weather Conditions across the Country

08:05AM Jul 24, 2011
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USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says the current heatwave is affecting agriculture through much of the United States.

Rippey says two well-placed tropical storms could possibly bring relief to parts of the nation affected by extreme heat and dry weather.
For August weather, he says the pattern of a high pressure system currently stalled over the Midwest will hold the answers.
In the meantime, more heat is on tap, and crops are starting to feel the effects.
“We’re seeing the impact now beginning on corn and soybeans due to the heat” he says. “The humidity and the lack of overnight cooling not giving the plants a chance to rest at night and that does affect the yield potential.”
The current heatwave continues to hit Texas and surrounding states, but is now expanding to the Midwest.
Listen in as Rippey discusses these weather conditions:



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