Six Ways To Think Safety First Throughout Harvest

02:40PM Sep 17, 2018
Worker safety equipment
( Chris Bennett )

In the rush of harvest season make sure you’re being mindful of safety above all else. Eric Vanasdale, senior loss control representative for Country Financial, shared six safety considerations with Chip Flory today on AgriTalk.

The most common accidents involving farmers happen on the road.

“As ag becomes more specialized in short periods of time throughout the year, rural motorists are just not used to seeing farm equipment on the road anymore,” Vanasdale said. Make sure you have reflective stickers on any machinery that could be on the road and be hyper-vigilant of what’s around you.

Motorist should be mindful when passing farm equipment or when driving on rural roads. Rear-end collisions with tractors or other farm equipment can happen in hilly areas, or when drivers aren’t paying close attention to what’s in front of them.

On the farm, make sure machinery isn’t too tall for sheds or powerlines and ensure children are out of harm’s way when moving equipment. Know the height of machines and compare that to shed and power line height—be especially mindful if you’re using new equipment this year. Teach children to keep a safe distance from machinery, but also walk around machines before moving them to check for children or others who could get hurt.

Grain bins and grain moving equipment can cause serious bodily injury and even death.

“As we see more and more grain storage on the farm… safety harnesses are the big thing we preach, and lockout tagout,” Vanasdale said. “The majority of injuries [near or on grain bins] other than falls is auger entanglement or electrocution.”

Harnesses can reduce risk of serious injury when falling. Lockout tagout means before entering a bin you turn off all equipment, “lock” it and leave a tag with your name on the “on” switch. This will warn others who’s in the bin and with whom they should speak before turning equipment back on.

Stay tuned this week for more safety tips related to the above subjects.