Snapshot: NJ produce season through the eyes of Nardelli Bros.

07:33AM May 22, 2020
Bill Nardelli Jr n Amy Sowder header
Bill Nardelli Jr. of Nardelli Bros., Cedarville, N.J., and Amy Sowder of The Packer discuss the coming New Jersey season of crops and marketing.
( Photo by Amy Sowder )

While it seems everything is changing in politics, the economy, agricultural commodity markets, at least one thing hasn't: Nardelli Bros. Inc.

Founded in 1898, the Nardelli family still owns and runs the original farm started by the first generation after emigrating to Cedarville, N.J., from Italy.

Sure, they've expanded with the times, adding cooling and packing facilities in Cedarville, a distribution center in Vineland, N.J., partner farms in other states, and a fleet of delivery trucks.

But they still grow squash, lettuce, cucumbers and as many as 80 other specialty vegetables.

Bill Nardelli Sr., 61, heads the company, followed by the fifth generation, his two sons, Bill Nardelli Jr., 31, vice president of sales and marketing, and Jimmy Nardelli II, 27, vice president of production and operations. The two sons both graduated from University of Delaware.

June is a big month for the New Jersey growing and harvesting season, Nardelli Jr. told The Packer's Northeast editor, Amy Sowder, in a video interview.

Nardelli discussed how a few aspects of business have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic — like foodservice business, of course — but many aspects have stayed the same.

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