Sooth the Heartburn of Variable-Rate Technology

04:20PM Jul 05, 2011
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Learn from experts with in-field experience at making variable-rate technology work in the field.

The Farm Journal Corn College “Classic” session provides practical, hands-on training to help corn growers advance their production skills, increase yields and improve their profitability. Corn College alumni ready to broaden their knowledge from previous years are encouraged to attend this session. Located at the Corn College campus, near Bloomington, Ill. 

General Sessions and Breakout Sessions include:
  • Make Variable Rate Work
  • The Importance of Water
  • Dig to Identify Soil Density
  • Soil Density Demonstrations
  • In-Field Diagnostics
  • Understand the Risks of Farm Transportation
  • ABCs of Sulfur and Micronutrients
  • Identify and Manage Micronutrients
  • Make Your Water Work for You


Thursday and Friday, July 21 to 22; two-day session for farmers
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