Sorghum Needs New Domestic, International Markets to Revive Prices

08:23AM Sep 11, 2019
Sorghum1 Maureen Hanson
The trade headaches with China started even before the trade war for sorghum producers. Coming up on two years of a long export battle, National Sorghum Producers says they need new markets.
( Farm Journal )

National Sorghum Producers CEO Tim Lust says producers are coming up on two very interesting years. That's when China started coming up with reasons to not buy U.S. sorghum, depressing prices before the trade war even started. 

"It's hard to believe how long it's gone on," said Lust.

He said a few boats are trading, but those exports are just a fraction of the business they had before. China was U.S. sorghum's top exporting destination. 

As a result, sorghum prices are less than impressive and sorghum producers are struggling with making profits this year. Lust said in order to fix depresses prices, sorghum producers need markets. That includes both domestic and international demand. He explained to Tyne Morgan on AgDay. 


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