Sorghum Yield Winner Boasts 219 Bushels Per Acre

09:51AM Dec 19, 2018
Mature Sorghum nearly ready to be harvested.
( Farm Journal Media )

Farmers from 24 states competed for National Sorghum Producers’ top honors in its annual yield contest. Winners are selected from five categories.

The overall winner, Michael Ball, hails from Idaho and achieved 219.1 bu. per acre.

“Throughout the trials and tribulations sorghum has faced this past year, it is inspiring to see farmers pushing through and showcasing their perseverance and dedication to finish the yield contest,” said Dan Atkisson, chairman of the board of directors. “We know harvest conditions were not ideal this year and interfered with many contestant entries, but we congratulate our winners.”

The 2018 winners by category are as follows.

Dryland, No-Till East:

  1. Winter Johnston
  2. Chris Santini
  3. Bill H. Bowers Farm Trust

Dryland, No-Till West:

  1. David Knoll
  2. Vulgamore Family Farms
  3. Mark Bloss

Dryland, Tillage East

  1. Harry Johnston
  2. Kathy Little
  3. New Village Farms, LLC

Dryland, Tillage West:

  1. Lee Pifer
  2. Duane Pshigoda and Kevin Pshigoda
  3. Matthew Bloss

Food Grade

  1. Mike Baker

Irrigated, No-Till East

  1. Jeffery Barlieb
  2. Hugh Scates
  3. Mast Farms

Irrigated, No-Till West

  1. Beckman Farms
  2. Rieder Farms

Irrigated, Tillage East

  1. Michelle Santini
  2. Bob Little
  3. Joe Scates

Irrigated, Tillage West

  1. Michael Ball
  2. Kimberly Gamble
  3. Kevin Pshigoda


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