Southeast Michigan Dairies Remove Manure Lagoons

02:59PM Oct 20, 2014
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A Wisconsin-based dairy company is eliminating manure storage lagoons from the former Vreba-Hoff dairies it bought last year in southeastern Michigan.

The Daily Telegram of Adrian reports Milk Source says it's trying to update the dairies in environmentally responsible ways. Hudson Dairy on U.S. 127 near Hudson is in full operation and Medina Dairy on Dillon Highway is being renovated.

Half of the on-site manure storage sites at Hudson Dairy are now decommissioned. More than half of Medina Dairy's will be decommissioned in 2015. Both dairies now have recycling and sand-separation facilities.

Rabo AgriFinance sold the dairies to Milk Source in August 2013 after Rabo AgriFinance filed a foreclosure complaint in 2010 and shut down operations. The former owner had repeated legal battles with state environmental regulators over mismanaging manure.