Soybean Harvest Wraps Up, Attention Turns To Corn

November 6, 2017 09:22 PM

The nation's winter wheat crop saw a three point improvement this week in its crop condition rating. USDA's crop progress report shows 55% of winter wheat is good-to-excellent, up from 52% last week. In the top wheat growing state of Kansas, 59% is good-excellent and 30% is fair.

Wheat growers are trying to finish planting before winter sets-in. USDA reports 91% is now planted which is on pace with the 5 year average. Seventy-five percent of the crop has emerged.

Soybean harvest is headed into the homestretch for most states in the Midwest. Overall, 90% is harvested, just a point behind the 5 year average. Any delays in the Corn Belt are limited to single digits.

With a majority of beans out of the field, farmers can now turn their attention to finish the corn harvest. Overall, 70% of the nation’s corn is harvested, 13 points behind the 5 year average. Last week the report showed corn harvest was 18 points behind.

State by state the upper Midwest is struggling to finish. Minnesota is 27 points behind with 60% harvested. Wisconsin is 26 points off the average pace with 37% of corn harvested. The nation's number one corn producing state of Iowa is 17 points behind, 67% is harvested.

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Southern Iowan
Bloomfield, IA
11/9/2017 10:28 AM

  Driving through the countryside I would say our soybean Harvest is only 70% maybe 80% complete we have had a lot of drizzly days Colder Weather poor drying conditions and are seeing a lot of head shatter and high moisture soybeans not drying down this week.