Soybean Returns Fall, Still Beat Corn by $50 Per Acre

April 7, 2017 01:00 PM

When weighing your corn versus soybean planting options, soybeans still beat corn despite recent drop in price. Soybeans would need to fall below $8.40 per bu. before the two have the same profit margin, according to University of Illinois economists.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) shows corn contracts staying at an average of $3.92 per bu. Soybeans on the other had showed November 2017 CME average at $10.19 in February and on April 3 November contract settled at $9.50 per bu., a 7% drop from February, Illinois economist note.

The economists used this information along with their own to develop new 2017 crop budgets. They used $3.60 per bu. corn price and $9.20 per bu. soybean price, resulting in $188 per acre return for corn and $238 per acre return for soybeans (not including land cost).


illinois crop budget

With a current $50 advantage over corn, soybeans will likely continue to be the favored crop. Illinois economists estimate soybean price per bu. will need to drop below $8.38 for corn to be more favorable—that number can be lower in more productive areas, too. For example, in high yielding northern Illinois when corn is at $3.60 per bu. soybeans would need to drop below $7.75 per bu. for corn to have the advantage (without considering crop insurance payouts).

Input your own numbers into this calculator to see what your crop budget might look like. 

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