State-by-State Preview of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

09:17AM Aug 15, 2014
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Which states will have the highest or lowest yield prospects during the 2014 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour? State agronomists and farmers weigh in.


south dakota

Steady the Course for South Dakota Yields

By Ben Potter
Farmers like to say that no two years are alike. Although that tends to be true, at the statewide level, South Dakota is on pace for production numbers that are strikingly similar to last year.

ohioCorn and Soybeans Catch Up in Ohio

By Alison Rice
Like so many Midwestern farmers, Ohio growers and their crops got a late state this year, thanks to a harsh winter and uncooperative weather.

nebraskaNebraska Mixes High Hopes, Freeze Vulnerabilities and Wicked Intangibles

By Ben Potter
Despite hail and other brutish weather, yields are looking strong overall in Nebraska - but the clock is ticking on GDD accumulation for the remainder of the season.


Will Indiana Crops Have Enough Time?

By Alison Rice
Indiana farmers are crossing their fingers for their crops as the summer ends this year, hoping for just another four to six weeks of good weather for both corn and soybeans.

illinoisSky is the Limit for Illinois Yields

By Sara Schafer
It appears that Illinois farmers have been dealt a near-perfect hand this year. Timely planting combined with July moisture and cool nights have set the stage for high yields.

iowaGood, Not Exceptional, Yields Set for Iowa

By Sara Schafer
Farmers in Iowa have every right to be optimistic about this year’s corn and soybean crops. Iowa farmers are forecast to see an average yield of 185 bu./acre, the third highest for the nation. That’s 20 bushels higher than 2013 corn yields.


minnesotaMinnesota: Outlier for 2014 with Below Trend Yields Expected

By Ed Clark
Minnesota tends to march to the sound of its own corn yield drum and 2014 is no exception. The state was a garden spot in 2012 with yields of 165 bu./acre when yields suffered in most Corn Belt states. Last year, Minnesota had stronger yields than many had earlier expected.


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