Student for Life: Continued Training and Education

01:05PM Jun 04, 2018
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Are you a lifelong learner?  Do you encourage lifelong learning for your employees?

No matter if you’ve just graduated, or have been out of school for thirty years, education continues throughout your lifespan.  Truly learning, versus just being trained, makes the difference.  Those who make the most of training and educational opportunities are often highly successful while being adaptable to change in their personal life and professional career.  

It’s always important to grow as a person; conferences, continuing education, and other training opportunities are a great way to learn and evolve your career, your employees, and your business.  Frequent training is essential for candidates, employees, and employers to continually learn and take on new challenges.  The good news is education and training is also one of the top motivational approaches ag employers use to keep employees challenged and productive in their roles ( HR Review). Continued learning allows employees and candidates to stay up-to-date on the latest information and technology.

How do you decide what educational opportunities to invest in? 

 Research the event or training program:
• What is the goal/takeaway of the continuing education or training program?
• Compare a few different programs/events
• When will this occur and how much time away from your job?
• How much will it cost: Registration, Hotel/Lodging, Food, Transportation
• What type of businesses attend?

 Determine the return on investment:
• How will this help you grow professionally and individually?
• Will participants be able to pass on any of these skills to other teammates?
• Does this aid in keeping up to date on trends in your industry?
• Will this help lead to new possibilities for the business?
• Is this a good opportunity to meet others in the industry for leads and referrals? offers several continuing education opportunities to aid in lifelong learning, stay up-to-date and motivate! events are significant because they are specifically tailored to the agricultural industry.  The Ag & Food HR Roundtable is the premier North American event for HR and educational professionals that provides relevant content examining recruitment and retention specifically within the ag and food industry. This event will take place August 7-9, 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. also hosts webinars throughout the year; these hour-long educational webinars offer insight on a range of hot topics related to recruitment, retention, and careers in agriculture.

To find out more about educational opportunities, visit and click on the “Conferences” or “Webinars/Workshops” tab under the drop-down menu.  Email [email protected] with questions.