Survey Finds Most Farmers Feel the President is Doing a Good Job

04:59PM Nov 06, 2018
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While he is not on the ballot, the President has acknowledged these midterms represent a referendum on his presidency, and a new "Farm Journal Pulse" survey says most farmers and ranchers believe he's doing a good job. 55% of the nearly 1,500 people polled said they have a "favorable" view of President Trump. That's up four points from when the same survey was taken in August, but that strengthening support does not appear to come from recent successes on the trade front. Only 30% said their opinion of President Trump is "more favorable" since the trade wars started. 36% said their opinion is now "less favorable". Overall, confidence in the President may pay off at the polls today, at least in rural areas. 55% said that their sentiment towards Mister Trump will impact their voting decisions "a lot."

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