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Tailgate Talk

08:05AM Feb 07, 2015

By Sara Brown and Greg Henderson


What A Day: So Much for a Clean Combine

This combine’s tracks couldn’t prevent it from getting buried in muck! Amazingly, the only damage done was a dent in the lower step and another bottle of soap.

If you’ve had one of those days—or captured someone else’s—we’d love to share it with our readers. Email high-resolution images to or mail prints to What A Day!, Farm Journal, P.O. Box 958, Mexico, MO 65265. Photos for publication will be selected on a first-come basis.


Double Naught Drone Dud

We’re sure Mark Devries is too young to remember Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies. Yet, Devries does an admirable job imitating Jethro’s character as a Double Naught Spy with an “undercover video” captured via drone at one of Smithfield Foods’ hog facilities in North Carolina. The drone captures video of ... a well-maintained hog facility. Now, one might suspect “sophisticated international playboys” who fill the ranks of Double Naught Spies would do a little more homework on their targets. Or, at least be open to a little feedback from those who have actually scraped hog manure off their boots. Nope. Smithfield’s attempt to comment on the video was blocked. Hmm ... sounds like a call for “agvocates” like you to join the discussion and post a comment. We just can’t get this image out of our heads of Jed Clampett shaking his head as Jethro expands the boundaries of stupidity. For a link to the video, visit

Stat Rack

Each year, the average American consumes:

58.1 lb. Chicken

56 lb. Beef

44 lb. Pork

13 lb. Turkey

22 gal. Milk

13.4 lb. Ice cream

32.8 lb. Cheese

23 Half-pints of yogurt

246 Eggs