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07:19AM Oct 25, 2014
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What A Day: A Big Mess in a Hurry

In this operator’s defense, he was trying to unload “quickly” so he could move to the next field. Anyone have a shovel?

If you’ve had one of those days—or captured someone else’s—we’d love to share it with our readers. Email high-resolution images to [email protected] or mail prints to What a Day!, Farm Journal, P.O. Box 958, Mexico, MO 65265. Photos for publication will be selected on a first-come basis.

Home of the Farmer!

You’ve heard of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas A&M Aggies, but farmers are school mascots in many rural towns. It’s obvious where the Farmington, Ill., Wheatridge, Colo., and Farmersville, Texas, schools got their Farmers mascot. But other towns are “ag-cited,” too. There are the Kernels from Mitchell, S.D., the Cornjerkers from Hoopeston, Ill., and the CornBelters from Normal, Ill. 

The Irrigators (Newell, S.D.), Sugarbeeters (Chinook, Mont.) and Haymakers (Phillips University, Enid, Okla., and other schools) all make you wonder—was there a water shortage, sugar beet surplus or a hay field for a football field? 

Many farmers would love to get their hands on the Boll Weevils (University of Arkansas at Monticello), but they’d have to play at Weevils Field to do it. Have more ag mascots to share? Go to www.FarmJournal.com/mascots.


Stat Rack

The Oct. 10 USDA Crop Production report predicts 
a bumper crop:

14.5 billion bushel- 2014 corn production, up 4% from 2013 and a new record high

174.2 bu.- Average corn yield per acre, 15.4 bu. above the 2013 average 

3.93 billion bushels- 2014 soybean production, up 17% from 2013 and a new record high

47.1 bu.- Average soybean yield per acre, up 3.1 bu. from 2013

16.3 million bales- Cotton production of 480-lb. bales, up 26% from 2013

790 lb.- Average all-cotton yield per acre, down 31 lb. from 2013