Tale of the tape: NAFTA era trends in U.S. produce trade

07:55PM Jul 02, 2020
( The Packer )

Now that the USMCA has begun, what can we say about the North American Free Trade Agreement?

I have assembled a few charts that show trade trends between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Looking at U.S. fresh produce exports to Mexico, it is easy to see that apples have experienced, by far, the most growth in the last 25 years. U.S. grape and pear exports have also done well.




Berries and lettuce showed the highest value among U.S. fresh produce exports to Canada.




For U.S. imports from Canada, berries, tomatoes and peppers are the headliners.



U.S. imports from Mexico are led by avocados, tomatoes,  berries and peppers.