As Talks Continue, President Trump Remarks on Tariffs on China

03:20PM Jul 18, 2019
China Tariffs
China levies $3b in tariffs against US on April 1, 2018
( MGN )

President Trump is again threatening to slap duties on another $325 billion in Chinese goods if Beijing doesn't meet his trade demands.  Speaking at the White House, the President said, "We have a long way to go as far as tariffs where China's concerned if we want.  We have another $325 billion that we can put a tariff on if we want, so we're talking to China about the deal, but I wish they didn't break the deal we had.  We had a deal where China opened up.  We had a deal where intellectual property theft would be taken care of.  It's estimated that they steal $300 billion worth of intellectual property a year".

As for China buying more U.S. farm products, the President said, "They were supposed to be buying farm products.  Let's see whether or not they do".

China says it is "always sincere" in trade negotiations with the Trump Administration.  A Chinese spokesman said that in response to the President's comments.  China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson also said the U.S. should show determination and perseverance and work with China to achieve a win-win trade deal.  He said, "If the U.S. imposes new tariffs, it will be tantamount to setting new obstacles to the trade consultations between the two sides, which will only make China and the U.S. have a longer way to go for reaching an agreement".

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