Tension Over Weeds Means Herbicides Threat for Organic Farm

May 17, 2017 01:10 PM
Tension Over Weeds Means Herbicides Threat for Organic Farm

Sherman County may order the use of herbicides on a 2,000-acre organic farm in north-central Oregon after complaints from neighboring farmers about noxious weeds.

The Capital Press reports Tuesday that spraying would cause Azure Farms to lose its organic certification for three years.

The farm is operated by Azure Standard, a major supplier of organic products, and says it will not spray or allow spraying.

The company posted a video sharing its side of the conflict on social media that has generated intense interest among supporters of organic farming.

The issue may come to a head Wednesday when county commissioners are expected to discuss it.

The meeting was moved to a school gym to accommodate an overflow crowd.

Growers near Azure Farms say spreading weeds are costing them.

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abcdefg, WI
5/18/2017 03:55 PM

  ORGANIC FARMS MAY LEAD TO DEATHS ! As with many organic farms, Azure Standard has become a waste disposal dump for dangerous and toxic weeds that represent a high risk of causing deaths. Observers have NO objection for organic farms and their choice of life-style, which, in this case, is a clear preference to live in a community that is being EXTORTED into using organic food that is, in fact, worthless and needlessly expensive. However, we DO object to the imposition of organic choice on the majority of the community that DOES NOT want to live in this manner. We also object to organic farms becoming waste disposal dumps for dangerous and toxic weeds ! Do local residents want to be exposed to these garbage dumps just because of a self-imposed prohibition against safe and effective weed control products ?!?! Remember ... pesticide bans lead to dangerous and toxic weeds. And these weeds kill people ! In jurisdictions like Ontario, a resident was ultimately doomed because of the reckless and arbitrary prohibition against pest control products in 2009. On June 28th, 2011, an Ontario resident who could no longer rely on acquiring safe effective products for controlling dangerous weeds on his property, was forced to perm hand-weeding that would contribute to his death. Contact with this dangerous weed resulted in severe burns to his hands and arms, requiring emergency treatment at a hospital ? where, ultimately, he died. This hapless resident was forced into hand-weeding since the Ontario government had recklessly prohibited products that would have safely and effectively controlled the dangerous weeds, and spared the man's life. Unfortunately, the government of Ontario had decided that imposing prohibition was more important than the safety of residents. The death was Ontario’s fault ! As with many organic farms, Azure Standard represents a high risk of causing deaths since it has become a garbage dump of dangerous and toxic weeds.