Texas-sized Flooding and Cattle Round-up

08:30PM Jun 01, 2015
( YouTube: Reuters )

Many days of rain have caused widespread flooding across the Southern Plains, and for some cattle producers that has meant moving their herds to greener pastures.

The Trinity River in Liberty County, Texas rose to historic levels forcing a cattle drive that involved more than cowboys, horses and dogs, it also included boats. On Sunday, an effort was made to move nearly 600 head of cattle from the Liberty Bell Ranch out of a pasture that was engulfed by floodwaters. 

According to Your Houston News, an estimated 200 people were involved in the round-up. It started at 8 AM with airboats and a helicopter coaxing the cows and calves from the flooded area.

Here is a video of the round-up from the water:

More than seven hours later only 200 head were able to be gathered and driven to Highway 90. Younger calves were rescued by airboats and other exhausted cattle were loaded into trailers after the swim to dryland. Some maverick cattle swam back to the island high ground they had been seeking refuge on. 

The cattle can be seen as they are driven down the highway after leaving their flooded pastures:

By 3:30 PM the herd of cows and calves were moved through Dayton, Texas. The cattle were destined for a railroad yard on the other side of town where they will be held until the floodwater goes down.

Here the herd makes an appearance in the town of Dayton:

Checkout these pictures of the rescue effort that were shared on social media:


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