Texas Ranch Sets the Bar for Quality Beef

02:54AM Nov 08, 2010
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In this "I Am Angus" segment, Angus rancher Minnie Lou Bradley, Bradley 3 Ranch near Memphis, Texas, talks about the importance of ranching, and commitment Angus ranchers and farmers have made to producing high-quality and nutritious beef for the world.

The "I Am Angus" television program highlights the contributions of America’s ranching industry, with profiles of people from across the country whose lives are defined by Angus cattle and Angus beef. But this show isn't just for Angus producers.

"The program has something for everyone, regardless of background, experience or breed affiliation,” says Eric Grant, American Angus Association director of public relations.

The hour-long program aired last week on RFD-TV and was the first in a four-part television series developed by the American Angus Association®

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