There’s still a lot of green hiding in those fields.

03:09PM Aug 07, 2020
( BASF )

There’s a significant chunk of farmers who are fungicide users but, for some reason, haven’t applied on all their acres. And because we’re in-season and farmers can actually see what condition their fields are in, the time is right to introduce the idea of using a fungicide on their remaining acres. What do you have to lose? Besides additional business, of course. 

One of the fastest ways you can solidify your position as a trusted advisor is to get farmers whom you work with  to use fungicides—and not just any fungicide, but the best products that provide the best results.  That’s right; they are not all same!  Here are a few discussion topics to help you retain and grow your fungicide business when the choice to use is being considered, and questioned, most. 

1.    The past: Discuss their past usage of fungicides. They may feel they didn’t see the benefits because they didn’t see disease. That’s the perfect time to start the conversation about where their comfort level lies in regard to fungicide use. It’s also an opening to bring up the investment they’ve already made in preparing their fields for the best possible outcome. Are they willing to risk possibly not getting the most out of what they’ve put in? Or are they open to dedicating a portion of their acreage to a fungicide application? Maybe just as a comparison for future decision making? Prompting them to consider their tools to get the most out of what they’ve already invested lets them know you, too, are invested in their success. 

2.    The weather: While weather shouldn’t lead the discussion, one strategy is bringing up the unpredictability of weather. Pointing out how the uneasiness of the uncertainty of what weather will bring can be lessened knowing there are BASF products that do their best work during all of the most aggressive weather conditions. 

3.    The plant health benefits: BASF fungicides don’t just prevent disease. The best-looking fields are the highest-yielding fields. Use the brands that give you and your fields the greatest chance by using products from BASF that provide the best of both worlds: disease control and environmental stress mitigation. 

4.    The yield: Don’t leave yield out of the bin. Remind your farmers again about the proven performance versus untreated checks, using a fungicide pays back. Money spent now results in rewards later. 

Your farmers trust you. That’s why you should trust BASF to help you capitalize on your knowledge of fungicides. When you recommend products powered by the experts in the market, you have confidence to deliver a positive end-of-year result for everyone. Don’t leave green in the field. Or worse, don’t let your competitor get it. Call your local BASF rep today.