Thieves Steal More than 20 Piglets from Farm

October 24, 2015 07:00 AM

Police are investigating a theft after more than 20 piglets went missing from a pig farm on Oahu.

The piglets were taken from the Nanakuli property sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, when the farmer discovered his piglets missing.

"Overnight, someone came, cut the front gate lock, drove into our property and cut the barn lock," said the farmer, who did not want to be named. "In the barn, that's where I raise my baby pigs. And they took about 20 to 25 baby pigs."

The farmer now has 11 piglets left and estimated the loss at more than $3,000. He said that other farmers in the area have experienced the same problems.

"This has been happening around the neighborhood," he said. "I just found out for myself this had been happening because I made phone calls to other farmers to let them know and I found out, you know, that this has been happening."

The Hawaii Farm Bureau said they don't keep track of statistics, but that the crimes are common among the state's 7,500 farms and ranches.

"They occur every day, whether its trespass, theft, vandalism," said bureau president Chris Manfredi.

Past thefts have included three newborn lambs stolen from a central Oahu pasture in August. Two years ago, nearly two dozen goats were taken from a Kahuku farm. The animals have not been recovered.

The bureau said it's working on legislation to increase enforcement and combat animal thefts.

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larry k.
chicago, IL
10/26/2015 09:35 AM

  They must have been some really pretty pigs to be worth $100 to $150 each!