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This is the Sound of Corn Growing

17:22PM Sep 19, 2016

Corn_August_2( Ben Potter )

One of the more intriguing age-old farming myths is that on a quiet moonlit night, you could go out to your cornfield and hear the crop literally growing. Turns out that’s not true – not exactly.

Corn does indeed make a sound when it grows, as captured recently by this time-lapse video from Douglas Cook at the Crop Biomechanics Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi and Justin McMechan and Roger Elmore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The researchers think the crackling noises occur because of tiny fractures from the corn plant stretching, breaking and growing.

The time-lapse video documents the noises, along with the plant growing an incredible 1.25 inches in just eight hours. Take a look – and listen – for yourself!