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Three percent of Dairy Farms Market Half of Milk in Central Federal Order

15:20PM Dec 30, 2014

The loss of small dairy farms and the emergence of large herds in the Central Plains, which makes up most of the Central Federal Milk Marketing Order, means just 3% of herds market 50% of the milk in that order.

Twenty eight of the largest farms market 25% of the milk. Add to it the next 71 largest farms, and you reach 50% of total marketing, according to the December Market Service Bulletin released today.

By state, 12 herds contribute 24% of Iowa milk, nine herds contribute 62% of Nebraska milk, 18 herds contribute 72% of Kansas milk, and four herds contribute 67% of Oklahoma milk.

Just under 3,200 dairy farms marketed milk in the Central Order in October. That’s down 27% since peak numbers were reached in June 2001. When the Central Order was created in 2000, 10% of the farms marketed 50% of the milk.

Of note, 1,813 farms market less than 100,000 lb. of milk per month. They account for 57% of the total number of dairy farms in the Order, but less than 7% of the milk marketed.

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