Tiny Flashlight

March 19, 2012 11:56 AM


Reviewed by Indiana Farmer, Brian Scott.

App Name:

Tiny Flashlight



App Features:

Tiny Flashlight turns your phone's camera into a powerful light.


Potential Uses/ Testimonial:

Tiny Flashlight is an app available for both Android and Apple devices.  It’s not a farm specific app, but it’s one I use quite often.  Tiny Flashlight turns your phone’s camera flash into a powerful light.  What I’ve done is put a widget on my home screen which makes turning the light on and off very convenient.  How many times have you been without a light and had to take the time to go get one or just do without?  With Tiny Flashlight I have a source of light handy all the time.  Recently I used the light to illuminate a section of field tile that needed repair.  After digging down to the tile I was able to shine the light into the hole and see that dirt was plugging the tile downstream.  



Since phones use a very bright LED flash instead of just an incandescent bulb like a normal flashlight I think you can see much better.  My phone provides a nice white light instead of the somewhat yellow light provided by a common flashlight.

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