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Tips to Remove Density Layers

04:06AM Jan 16, 2012

In Episode 7 of "Corn College TV," Season 2, Farm Journal Associate Field Agronomist Missy Bauer gives tips to remove density layers from your fields.

"When we define full-width shatter, we’re talking about what’s happening from shank to shank," she explains.
She advises farmers to dig across the back of where the tool ran to tell if they are being successful.
"Pull the soil back. Soil moving by your bare hands has been shattered," she says. "And the soil that won’t move is a column that isn’t shattered."
She says full-width shatter is a function of how deep you are running the primary tillage tool. And the most common reason farmers aren’t achieving full-width shatter is horsepower limitations.
Dig in the field with Bauer and learn more in the episode below.