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Top 10 Manure Violations in Indiana

11:02AM Aug 26, 2014

Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Following is a list of the top 10 environmental violations from confined feeding operations. This list includes all livestock CFOs, not just dairy, says Steven Howell, director of the office of community and government affairs for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The top 10 violations list is based on 830 facility inspections conducted from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Overall, less than 20% of CFOs were cited for a total of 418 violations.

1. Lack annual manure test - analysis not for current year (52 violations).
2. Incomplete land application records - missing Precipitation records (35 violations).
3. Weekly inspections - not recording weekly inspections in operating record (33 violations).
4. Is not adequately maintaining manure management systems - common problem not mowing lagoon berms, covering pump out port or addressing erosion around buildings (19 violations).
5. Do not have valid approval in operation record - most have an outdated version of their approval (14 violations).
6. Freeboard in uncovered liquid manure storage structure not maintained (13 violations).
7. Lack current soil tests - soil test not available at the time of the inspection or have not been updated (12 violations).
8. Weekly inspections are not being conducted (12 violations).
9. Current farmstead map is not in operating record (11 violations).
10. Freeboard marker in uncovered liquid manure storage structure is not being maintained (11 violations).