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Top 10 Videos of 2012

05:00AM Dec 13, 2012

As we prepare to put 2012 to bed, it is always a good idea to reflect on the past year. For the remaining days of 2012, the editors at will bring you stories that were important this year and will continue to be top of mind in 2013.

We’ll also include some traditional best-of and end-of-the year pieces. Send any thoughts or comments on the stories to

These were among the most-watched videos of 2012. Follow the links to take a trip back through the year. 

1 Agribusiness When the End of the Bulls Is NearAgribusiness: When the End of the Bulls Is Near

Bob Utterback of Utterback Marketing--everyone's favorite marketing bear--explains how to tell when a bull market is going to end.

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2 Agribusiness What Will It Take for  7 CornAgribusiness: What Will It Take for $7 Corn?

Corn prices are relatively low right now, but could they reach $7? Bill Biedermann of Allendale, Inc., offers one scenario where they could.

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3 Meet Mike Stamp, Top Producer of the Year FinalistMeet Mike Stamp, Top Producer of the Year Finalist

In less than a decade, this 37-year-old Michigan farmer grew his operation from a single semi to 40,000 acres.

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4 Agribusiness Will History Repeat ItselfAgribusiness: Will History Repeat Itself?


 Mike Florez of Florez Trading explains how we can use previous drought years to predict corn prices this year--and why we may be looking at $7 corn.

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5 Pro Farmer Profit Briefing The Fourth of July Came EarlyPro Farmer Profit Briefing: The Fourth of July Came Early

 Pro Farmer editors Chip Flory and Brian Grete discuss the fireworks associated with the current markets.

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6 Effective, Future Decisions on Corn and Soybean Sales Starts NowEffective, Future Decisions on Corn and Soybean Sales Starts Now

 Farm Journal Economist Bob Utterback spoke to a packed house at the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

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7 AgDay  How Much Higher Can Agriculture GetAgDay: How Much Higher Can Agriculture Get?

Times have been good for the American farmer, but Mark Gold of Top Third Ag Marketing warns that they may not last much longer.

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8 AgDay Prepare Now for Jan 12 ReportsAgDay: Prepare Now for Jan. 12 Reports

 The upcoming USDA reports might not turn out the way you expect, so make sure you're prepared, says Mark Gold of Top Third Ag Marketing.

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9 The Psychology of Selling GrainThe Psychology of Selling Grain

 How often have you waivered on whether to sell your grain? Jason Moss of Brock Associates provides advice on how to manage your marketing plan.

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10 Soybean Harvest in Gaois, BrazilSoybean Harvest in Gaois, Brazil


Missouri farmer Kip Cullers explains the soybean harvest he’s watching near Capadao do Ceu, in the state of Gaois.

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